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Volume 3 No.
Zero Cents

About This Site

I made this website ages ago, originally to house my incredibly good (trust me) animations child me made with Scratch. Now it's just a massive and very mediocre hellhole into which I shove whatever trash garbage I happen to be working on (assuming I ever finish anything) or find interesting (assuming I ever update this site).

About Me

Name (sort of): undo
Age: should be over a day by now i think
Location: United States
Favorite Color: yellow
Least Favorite Color: also yellow
Romantic Attraction: none at all
Things I Do: make this website, draw badly, program computer badly, drink obscene amounts of tea, wish i lived someplace else, read webcomics, try very hard not to push all the elevator buttons, play strategy games and accidently get good at geography somehow ???
Cool Things: history, computers, politics, 2d animation, worldbuilding, terry pratchett, the kakapo, dnd, soviet synthpop, libraries, old radio plays, COBOL
Not Cool Things: big uncozy restaurants, writing essays, creepy twitter fans, digital tracking, the walt disney corporation, math, the roman empire, the sheer number of mosquitos in northern wisconsin
Brain Cell Count: -40 billion and counting
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